In the beginning, the Lord said to the Church of the Holy Spirit, "Feed My Sheep." Not quite certain as to exactly what He meant, we began to pray for understanding, and he answered us in dreams and visions. He showed us that we were to farm the land and to give the food to the poor. We called that vision Our Father's Garden.

We looked in the Bible and found that Jesus could come to us in the form of a stranger that was hungry, thirsty, and homeless - and that he might even need clothing.

We also learned that the Lord could appear to us as a sick person needing to be looked after - or even as a prisoner who needed a friend to visit him. And so, we began to reach out.

We planted vegetables, collected canned food, and even gathered clothing. And we took all of these to the poor, the unclean, and the hungry.

We also helped the sick, began to visit prisoners, and even helped people without homes find shelter. And before long, we were feeding people physically, as well as feeding people spiritually, by telling them the Good News about Jesus!

And then, we saw in the Bible that "we are the people of his pasture and the sheep of His hand." We realized that Our Father's Garden was producing two types of fruit - one type was physical, and the other type was spiritual - the fruits of the Spirit!

Then, we knew that the Lord wanted to use Our Father's Garden to teach us obedience, to train us to be His disciples, and to provide for us a place to learn to pray and listen; that we might grow in His garden, and be transformed by His love.

The End ... is not yet in sight!