What Did You Say? In our continued journey with James, we hear him telling us that our tongue is a very dangerous object. He tells us that is must come under control or otherwise it will destroy those that are in its hearing. Many times we will hear people say things that are very difficult to understand and so we ask them, What did you say? There are also those times when we heard very clearly what the person said and we ask them, What did you say? in order to have justification for our actions with either our tongue or worst. You may remember the old saying of, Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. I have my own saying concerning this remark. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can kill me. However, a kind word will give life to someone. Jesus reminds us that the tongue only speaks what resides in our heart. That is why it is so important to have our hearts and minds renewed by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. For it is only through the teaching of the Holy Spirit about Jesus that we can even begin to speak with an instructed tongue . Is 50.4 Fr. Joe Rhodes, former rector



Faith & Works, Grace & Works: In today's lesson from James, he tells us that faith without works is dead (James 2.26). The question comes to whether this is in contrast to what Paul tells us in his letter to the Romans about salvation, if by grace, then it is no longer by works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace. (Rm 11.6) How do we reconcile this seemingly difference concerning Salvation through Works and Salvation through Grace? Actually, it is not difficult at all. For, everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Rm 10.13) And our response to God's Grace poured out on us (acceptance) is good works. Therefore, if we do not do acts of mercy (letting people know that they are loved by God, healing the sick, raising the dead, praying for those who persecute us, visiting those in prison, etc.) we really do not believe that God's Grace has been poured out on us. Will doing acts of mercy save us in and of themselves? No!! What James is saying is that our actions show forth what we believe. James will not let us have an ethereal relationship with God alone. The incarnation is always present. Our body is always a part of our spiritual journey, it is not separate. That is why James will say, Faith without Works is dead! Faith & Works, Grace & Works: same message, different venue. Fr. Joe Rhodes, former rector



In our Vision for Holy Spirit: To Build Up the Body of Christ, Being Transformed Through Worship with prayer, teaching, fellowship and testimony through the ministry of our congregation; let us never forget that Worship is a life style. For us to Build Up the Body of Christ, every aspect of our life needs to honor our Lord Jesus Christ.

The question may arise as “how do you worship?” There are many ways to worship our Lord. The vision statement gives us four particular ways that have been handed down since the Church was born (Acts 2.42). For us to be able to worship Jesus, we have to want to worship Him. It is a choice that each one of us has to make. Coming to church and singing songs and hymns of praise helps us to move from being self centered to God centered in Jesus through the Holy Spirit. As we lift our prayers to the Lord, we are made aware of many needs that there are around us. Hearing the testimonies of how the Lord is working in each of our lives on a daily basis, encourages us to know that the Lord is near and ready to save us from despair and to give us hope. Our fellowship is so dear, because we get to share on a more intimate level the things that God has done in our lives and to be able to enjoy each other.

How do you worship the Lord? In music, dance, driving, singing, service to others, being available, daily prayer & devotion, and the list could go on and on. There are so many ways in which you can worship Jesus, but the bottom line is this; does my life honor the one who gave His life for me? Fr. Joe Rhodes, former rector


Jesus Is the Answer!!

What are you looking for in life? If it is to find fulfillment in the pleasures of the world, then it will be a very short life. The promises of this world all lead to an existence of an unfulfilled life.

However, if you want the most out of the time that you have on planet earth, the answer is Jesus! There is a vast difference in what the world offers you and what Jesus has to offer. Jesus offers a relationship with the Father for eternity. Jesus tells us that He is the way, the truth, and the life. That no one is able to get to the Father except through Him. (John 14.6)

If you look to Jesus for the answers of life, you will see that they are very hard to achieve. Many people have just given up on Jesus because the commitment to Him was too much and it interfered with what they wanted. Yet, Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit to help us to follow the life and teachings of Jesus.

The decision is yours. Do you want to just exist in this world or do you want to live in this world? In order to live in this world you need Jesus. For it is only in and through Him that we can have a full life. Don't delay; make a commitment to Jesus today!! Pray this little prayer right now. Lord Jesus, come into my life right now and help me have a full life in You. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me to live my life for you. Thank you, Jesus. Now you are ready to be changed into the person that you were created to be by the Father. Spend time in the Bible so that you will know the difference between the world's point of view and that of the Father. Talk to the Lord on a regular basis. Let Him know your concerns and be open to the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you in His paths of righteousness. Fr. Joe Rhodes, former rector


Building Up The Body of Christ


Each Wednesday night, we gather for a potluck dinner at 6:30PM, followed by a time of praise and worship, a teaching for the evening, with discussion, prayers, and ministry in the Holy Spirit. Come and join us! Bring a Guest! Bring some food to share! Rejoice with us in the fellowship of Christ's Body, Word, and Spirit! Contact the Church Office for locations.


Saturday Workdays: We gather at Our Father's Garden each Saturday from 8:30AM to Noon. God's garden needs your helping hands. Lunch is served at noon.

Intercessors: meet at 11:00AM on Saturday mornings at Our Father's Garden. Join us to pray for the needs of others.